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"You can tell where someones political sympathies are when they describe criticism as ranting" LOL, go look at yourself in the mirror and see if you can honestly classify any of the ranting posts here as either well-defined or even slightly thoughtful "criticism" to yourself. If you can with a straight face then you are subject to your own criticism. Or you could try an actual response to the following.

As far as Carly's business record goes, it holds up a lot better than many so-called luminaries in the industry for the same period. Post-Y2K saw a lot of contraction in the market with an economic turn-down and a lot of customers simply having blown their wads on system refreshes in the run up to Y2K. There was also a pivot in the industry during the Nineties from the monolithic systems of old which put Compaq in the position of being bought by HP and eventually saw Sun destroyed, both those companies having been run by so-called industry-leading men with a lot more experience than Carly. Fujitsu happily announced that the HP-Compaq "merger" meant they were going to double their business and massively failed to do so, and IBM's gradual withdrawal from the x86 market can be traced back to poor business decisions and a failure to compete with HP during through the Noughties when Carly was at HP's helm (go read up on the blades wars, there are plenty of articles in the El Reg archives). Yes, Carly laid off a lot of workers, but to pretend she was the only one in the industry doing so is simply untrue. HP needed to change direction, that was clear even during Lew Platt's reign and long before Carly got the call to replace Lew, and Carly largely got the job done. To deny otherwise requires a lot of Trumpist misogynism or political blinkers.

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