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"What do you think of the other members of the "dream team" of economists?"

Danny Blanchflower has been consistently wrong about everything which is pretty good, even for a macroeconomist. Ann Pettifor believes in the magic money tree which is MMT (on which more in the weekend piece). The Russian sounding bird I know nothing about, Piketty is, well, Piketty and Stiglitz has done remarkable academic work (his Nobel entirely deserved) but that doesn't always carry over into his political pronouncements.

Those last two are actually sane but I couldn't insist on that for the others.

"do you have any suggestions as to how we might deflate the property market"

Yes, issue more planning permissions. Houses are not expensive, land is not expensive, land with permissions to build upon is grossly expensive. It the planning that costs the cash therefore.

Issue 2 million planning chitties and leave the rest to the market. Even better, repeal the Town and Country Planning Act 1947 and succesors and don't replace it with anything at all.

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