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"I just don't get the impression that MS know what they're doing at the moment."

Exactly my own sentiments. For many years I have with my own money purchased a Nokia Windows Phone as it was great for what I needed it for. yes, I was missing out on some apps the guys who had Android or iPhones but I considered I was using a tool that increased my productvity and I still believe to this day its the better operating systemm at least on Win Phone 8.1.

Having read, seen, Microsofts approach to mobile this year, writing off billiions from the Nokia purchase, closing down mobile development centres the writing for me was on the wall and last month switched to an iPhone after my Windows phone died due to a hardware fault.

I haven't looked back and my fixed Win Phone sits in the cupboard unused, the iPhone just works and I seem to be seeing more features coming through on apps like Onenote than I saw in the Windows version. Maybe in a couple of years I will be back on Win Phones once Micosoft have sorted themselves out but probably not. Would seem from this thread I am not alone.

And don't get me started on Win 10 and tablet support, thats a fail, went back to Win 8.1 due to lack of virtual keyboard in browsers other than Edge.

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