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>If you can't get your own products working on your own platform, then why should anyone else bother?

The whole point is that others are better than themselves at interop'ing with their OWN platform. Now, most of these players also support alternative, standards-based, platform independent solutions that work even better ... why, oh why are you still forcing yourself to gobble Redmond excrements ?

I had a hotmail account some, what?, 15 years ago, dumped it when we switched to something else than MSN messenger, must have been Skype, iirc.(I know you did not need a hotmail address for msn msg back then, but it certainly looked like you did, iirc) Note that I still have my account from the 90's with IMAP. Never beaten by hotmail capacity-wise, and used to have 5 times the inbox size and 3 times the max message size - I used to send MP3's to my mates in the 90's via email ... obviously to their ISP email address not webmail, because, for some retarded reason, they used ISP email (hooked to ISP) or hotmail with no IMAP, ridiculous inbox and max mail sizes ... then again, they were not techies so they at least had an excuse. Most ISP email addresses are dead now and they eventually all switched to gmail ... i still use my ancient address.

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