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Mobile first? Microsoft decides to kneecap its Android users instead


Andrew . . . I have mixed feelings about this article.

On the one hand, it is well-written, well-researched and accurate. On the other, unfortunately, it makes me so depressed.

I have no inherent loyalty to Microsoft as a company but I have been using their products since I first started shunting drivers into himem on an old, hand-me-down 286 with a greyscale monitor. (It was years before I realised that Wolf3d was in colour*).

I knew and loved dosshell, but never quite gelled with 3.1. Well, except for Minesweeper . . . I went through 95, skipped 98 but had 98se, used Me but never had a personal machine with it on and found 2000 to be such a revelation that I still feel fondly about it.

All that nostalgia aside, I never really liked Microsoft as a company - I just liked the software they produced and, as it was what I grew up on, it remains the software I am most familiar with. It is therefore so very disappointing that so much that I loved about the software is not just gone but actively being excised in a mad race for subscription dollars - cloud and app stores and so forth. This is what 'cloud-first' and 'mobile-first' amounts to.

* - And when I did first see it in colour it looked odd and I didn't like it at all.

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