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Delusions of tablet makers

Tablet makers have the weirdest delusions. If you're watching videos, playing some types of games, reading (but not really typing out) E-Mails, reading books, etc? Sure a tablet's fine, and they've really eaten the PC market's lunch for these uses.

But ever since tablets first shipped, some have had this delusion that people would COMPLETELY quit using PCs and use tablets, despite the tablets of the time having no keyboard, no way to print, no way to scan, stripped down software, and not enough hardware specs to do some of what people do on PCs (and no expansion capability either). So, newer tablets can print and scan (maybe, if it supports your printer), can have a nasty rubber keyboard attached, and can have a screen as big as the smallest screens available for notebooks. Whoop-dee-doo, I'm throwing my notebook in the trash right now!!!

It's particularly delusional of Apple fanbois to think that shipping the exact same Apple tablet, except faster and an inch or two bigger, is going to do anything whatsoever in this regard.

On a side note.. I'm not sure where the "360x as fast" claim came from, the specs I saw indicate the ARM in there is about 22x the speed of the orignial one (I'm assuming that's adding the processing power together of all cores.)

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