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Doctor Who storms back in fine form with Season 9 opener The Magician's Apprentice

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

"And the BBC would have got twice the viewers, if it was not 'in the way' of X factor' !!"

It will. Viewing figures "on the night" are dropping but "catch-up" figures are climbing. People (or families) who want to watch both will watch the live show and record the "not-live" show. Likewise, people watch TV in different ways now so not necessarily at time of broadcast.

Don't believe the papers when they run stories of viewing figures immediately after any TV show. Wait and see what the revised figures are the following week when iPlayer etc figures are added in. I watched it on Sunday. I assume that because I recorded it on my VM Tivo box that VM will have figures showing how many of their devices recorded it and when it was eventually watched. THose figures won't show on the initial "day after" viewing figures.

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