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Americans are idiots, bottom feeding journalists and tree huggers make a story out of nothing.

These cars are fine, use little gas and still press one in the seat at 70 mph when flooring it.

So indeed, do not let them update the ecu software, the tree huggers will do try to take your driving fun. Show them finger and continue buying VW's, let them rot in their ugly Prius boxes, which are 100 times more polluting in their life cycle then any TDI ever will be after decaying Prius batteries start killing little kids on some dump in Africa.

So cuddos to VW trying to defy those EU politicians and others whose legislation with 100gr C02/km gave us these 3 cylinder lawnmower engines and killed the 6-cylinder BMW engines.

And if the allegations about the software feature are true, hail to Martin Winterkorn !.

So take that and vote down :)...

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