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In future, the regulatory authorities need to be allowed to "conscript" any car off the production line, at the point where it's ready to be delivered to a customer. Yes, someone is going to be unhappy about their new car arriving late, but that happens for all sorts of other reasons in any case. In this case "force majeure" will apply.

Also, dealers need to be made to swear, on oath, that they are not under any instruction from the car company to re-flash all ECU softwares before handing the keys to the customer, and that they don't routinely do this. The penalties for perjury (criminal conviction, possible jail time) would mean that any such secret tinkering would soon become known.

It's not rocket-science. It's like catching sport doping cheats. Assume the worst. It's now proved that the auto industry cannot be trusted to police itself.

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