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McAfee ... stay 2,000,000 miles away. It couldn't find water standing knee deep in the ocean, much less malware and viruses. And to make it worse, it really slows a computer down.

Norton ... it has improved over the years, but one problem still remains. If your Norton product lasts a year without requiring a reinstall, you are lucky. But the ultimate problem is Norton doesn't tell you it isn't working, you just click on toolbar icon and nothing happens.

Eset ... very efficient and excellent detection. But it does tend to bug you over unnecessary stuff, like optional Windows updates. It also has a nasty habit of trying to download updates immediately after a computer wakes up before the network adapter has come back on, fails, and instead of trying again in a few minutes, waits another 3 hours. Older versions could never remove boot sector viruses on your boot drive, I haven't seen a boot sector virus in a while so I don't know if it still holds true.

Kaspersky ... excellent detection but it will slow your computer down, but not as much as McAfee. Also, it has a nasty habit of turning on debugging mode. When this happens, Kaspersky generates log files but never deletes older ones. When this happens, you'll quickly run out of disk space until you turn off debugging and delete the several hundred thousand log files.

Trend Micro ... they became fat and lazy. The new versions aren't that great on protection and the product is slow. Not Kaspersky or McAfee slow, but close.

Avast ... I haven't used this one too much. What I like is sandbox mode, what I don't like is how it doesn't ask me if I want a new program to run sandboxed.

Panda, Vipre, Bulldog, ... I don't have any experience with them.

Of course there are more. But these are the only ones I've used.

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