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@AC, play nicely, now! ;)

We have not used MS ourselves since 2007, but my posse of friends/rellies took a while to move to Linux, which is fair enough, after all. The original posse has now converted to Linux and loves it, but..

Two new (Windows-based) posse members have arrived recently, and I have been using AVG and/or ClamWin in preference to the pretty appalling MSE ... Adaware, SpyBot and others as well as installing FireFox with uBlock, Flash blocked, Privacy Badger and anonymised search - DuckDuckGo, IxQuick etc.

This has seemingly done the job (verified via online scans & offline scan CDs), but it's pretty messy.

Looks like AVG is no longer an option.

I am no Windows guru, not any more, so I've felt the need to update my skills and bought a new Lenovo desktop from eBuyer for £120 with 'Win8 for Bing' installed.

Came with a couple of viruses pre-installed, before connecting to the web!

(Verified carefully, not FPs)

Running Clam from (eg) a Linux USB boot stick can be swifter and less hassle than running inside Windows - I do it overnight, usually - but can I trust my n00bs to do this? Hell no!

So my sympathy goes out to all those still stuck with MS, as I was for many years.

I'd appreciate pointers to the best solutions for Win 10 - we've successfully upgraded the Lenovo.

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