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Thanks to El Reg, I too had 'registered an interest' in the Wileyfox Swift....

...had a nice automated email saying it would be on sale on the 22nd September. That's today.

So before breakfast I took a look - no buying options on the site. No explanatory emails lurking in my spam folder, nothing on TwitFace... Oh! Wait a bit!

Someone there has spotted it on with a revised release date of 30th September.

...and here on El Reg, Branta has kindly informed us of that. So it must be true!

Still no purchasing option on the Wileyfox site, still no apologetic email. Oh well.

Now I know (first-hand) what a panic it can be getting products to market, but my feeling is that if they can't be arsed to update punters with money to spend, what chances will we have when we have spent it and want service/updates/whatever?

If we do end up buying one it will therefore be via Amazon, who (whatever other flaws they may have) does have a truly effective returns and refund procedure.

Bit disappointed, but I'll survive. Anybody know the details?

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