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"My main gripe here is that the popularity of the series has heavily declined with the last season..."

I have to question this statement. Disregarding comments on forums and noticeboards, the only real way the popularity of a TV series can be gauged is by audience ratings. Overall, 8.3 million viewers watched Series 8, compared to 7.8 for Series 7, 7.5 for Series 6.

The corresponding AI figures are 83, 86 and 86, so yeah viewers didn't like the 12th Doctor as much as they liked the 11th. But then when Matt Smith took over the AI dropped from 88 to 86.

So it appears that although more people watched Capaldi's first season, they didn't like it quite as much.

I don't think even the most cynical of us could really call this a "heavy decline".

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