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Doctor Who storms back in fine form with Season 9 opener The Magician's Apprentice

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At the end of the day it's science-"fiction", I get that but really it was crap. The last really decent episode I saw was blink, there have been other good ones but this was just crap for obvious reasons that myself and others have highlighted.

Personally here is what I would like to see.

Rules - You can't have time travel without rules, see every other show or film based on time travel, start messing about and it becomes stupid.

Plot - I liked the introduction of Davros, it makes sense and it adds a nice plot line to be explored but to give it all away near enough in the first episode is a bit silly, audiences like to be made to think not have it all handed on a plate (at least I do, watch mr robot and see how a proper plot is done, one that will throw you a curve ball or 4 you never expected in a million years)

Assistants - They are supposed to be just that, not romantic interests or main characters but there to assist and sometimes outfox the doctor.

Again this is just my opinion but I can't help but think the show is taking a turn that will ultimately lead to it's demise. Putting it on while that god awful x-factor program is on is an indication of the direction and audience they are trying to get.

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