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A season behind

So across the pond, we're a season behind (just starting season 8 on public tele), I'm not really a fanbois, but I enjoy watching the series. I don't really care about the spoilers either, I still want to see the actual episodes, how their done, even if I know key events that will happen.

Re Clara: I think the concept of (the impossible girl) is both a "blessing and a curse": blessing in that it's nice to see new concepts introduced which open up new possibities (for story lines) and a curse in that it gives the writers the ability to be able to escape situations with no reasonable resolution. This temptation leads to less actual thought required by the writers which leads to them becoming lazy with the story lines which ultimately yields a less satisying series.

I like Jenna and the character she portrays (portrayed, apparently), I just wish the writers had given her a role in the grander scheme.. But since she and producers have been discussing her departure for over a year now, maybe that's understandable. But at least the producers (or whoever), knowing that she was leaving the series, should have used the time since to start planning for that departure. It sounds like they have from the season 9's epsisodes, but what happens next? It doesn't sound like they've figured that out yet, or if they have, they aren't telling.

Is my mind failing me or when did her credits change from Jenna Louise-Coleman to just plain Jenna Coleman?

Paris (sniff, sniff), for sorry to see her leave the series, or for "we'll always have Paris"... (I'll get my coat...)

I know, TL:DR. Oh well...

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