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Doctor Who storms back in fine form with Season 9 opener The Magician's Apprentice


Dear armchair critics that didn't enjoy this episode, next week, select one of the other quadzillion channels available and watch something else, a rerun of Top Gear perhaps?

I hated, sorry, really disliked, the last series. I thought the stories poor and the Capaldi seemed just wrong. I know he is a fine actor, I put it down to the writing and direction. I was not alone, judging by the comments in online forums. Perhaps the production team (AKA The Moff) sat down and went back to basics a bit. If this new series continues in the way of The Magician's Apprentice, then we are ( sorry, I am) in for a treat. This is light early evening entertainment, and I was really entertained, throughout. Superb stuff BBC.

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