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One of those upvotes is mine. I should have addressed it: Dear Google Chrome Coder.... We have so many weapons now, I just don't fucking get the problem. "Back in the day" I was using formal verification, tons of statistical samples on those problems that were oriented that way even when smaller samples (t-test for normal espected distros, and test that it was normally distributed, predicate calculus, yada yada. As I said, from the very first job. If I got that one wrong, well there were going to be a ton of Congress-critters demanding why those millions of dollars in savings didn't happen. [Ain't naming the agency as it'd create a shit-storm. 14 y.o. kid.]

Backstop, examine the problem along multiple axes/dimensions/schools/disciplines. test, test, test.I am not perfect, nor some programming God. What I am is demanding 'cause the solution had budgets starting in the seven figures and in one case is into 10 figures. I certainly didn't expect that last one. And as I've posted before lives were involved. Dozen or more lives, sometimes an entire facility which has thousands. Mass explosions wiping out a chunk of a major city (in the millions), well I don't think "oh, he just made a null-pointer error, anyone can do that" will have good results at a Courts Martial. Jury of Your Peers doesn't mean they're going to cut you any slack.

Whatever. Apologies to my fellow commentards for poor addressing.

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