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Doctor Who storms back in fine form with Season 9 opener The Magician's Apprentice

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What has happened to British SciFi TV? What's gone wrong with Dr Who? Why does the BBC insist on pushing a self indulgent piece of drivel down our screens?

I want to see Dr Who doing what he does best - going and dealing with scary situations and being mysterious and yet so familiar. Clara going is long overdue. Missy is not scary or worrying or challenging. A gender realignment has done nothing for the character and is another self indulgent piece of writing. The writers need to get over their fascination with trying to be hip with having a man-lady villain who is so keen to tell everyone how 'close' they are to the doctor. We get it and the transgender gag. What happened to subtlety?

I wish the writers would just concentrate on innovative story telling. Perhaps there's just a few of us who didn't like it but I think when my whole family thinks it sucks and we're a wide age range, there's a problem. If the argument is that -hey it's for the young generation I think most don't bother watching it.

Dr Who is now stupid. It's silly. It's not scary. It's not dark. It isn't clever. It wallows in it's past glory and cannot let go of a Dr Who who is fixated on his own guilt over and over. So Dr Who is amoral, guilt ridden, manipulative, and has lost his purpose. What is the point of the Doctor? He is less and less what makes the Doctor great. That perhaps reflects attitudes of our society, but personally I think that's an attitude that stinks.

I think I'm done with Neo Post Modernism or what ever you want to call this incessant fad of the televisual equivalent of regurgitation and re-consumption of tired old ideas.. I want something new.

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