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Looks like a teenytiny replica of the old ferrite rod/coil arrangement in transistor radios strung on a grid of wires running up/down and diagonally. The XY wires were used to energize the coil (or not) for a single bit and magnetize the ferrite rod. To read it back you "wrote" back to the bit and "listened" for a momentary pulse on the detector wire that indicated a state change. If you got a pulse the bit was the opposite binary sense to whatever you wrote.

The ones I saw and used were mounted on 6 or 8x4 foot* "barn doors" on the corner of one of the cabinets that comprised the computer itself which could be fanned open to allow air into the matrices because they got hot.

They don't make 'em like that any more (thank Offler).

[EDIT] And I just realized you meant the cleverer modern version. So change all that to "Haven't the foggiest. Whose round is it?"[/EDIT]

* sorry, 60 year old meat memory can't remember clearly which it was.

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