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" Even in the UK the House of Lords is a joke."

A "joke" that has helped stop the Snoopers Charter, Identity Cards and its cradle-to-grave National Identity Register (no doubt still in the bottom drawer of some data fetishists desk).

People can (and often should) sneer at the UK 2 house system but before you do note this.

The UK does not run it's national budget on "continuing resolutions," because (literally) on a person by person basis parties cannot reach an agreement. It does not lay off huge swaths of staff because of some arbitrary spending cap pulled out of some Con-gressmans back passage.

It it is not designed to generate deadlock until every special interest group and politician who wants their palm greased has been payed off or otherwise appeased.

In fact the closest thing the US system resembles is the way the UK runs it's local government, at town and county level.

That might be fine for a population of a few million people at most.

It's a rubbish choice for the largest (or 2nd largest) economy on the planet.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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