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I don't think you're quite getting this constitution thing...

Oh, while I think about it, anyone who says that the reason they should be allowed to gun is because it's in the Constitution is producing a stupid argument: firstly, it isn't in the Constitution, it's in an Amendment;

So it's in the Constitution.... Amendments to the Constitution are still part of the Constitution....

secondly, the right to own slaves is in the Constitution, but most people would agree that isn't a reasonable thing now;

Which is why it's no longer in the Constitution, as per Constitutional amendment. That said, please also be aware that changing the Constitution is such a serious thing to do, that particular amendment took a civil war...

thirdly, if we are talking about whether something should be legal or not, stating that it is legal is not an argument.

The entire point of a Constitution is that it's a basis for the most important parts of the law, and is much, much harder to alter. Other laws can be struck down if they contradict the Constitution, and often are. It is a special law, and special consideration regarding its tenets is indeed valid.

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