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I'm curious, can you provide a link showing the spec where every TCP session or UDP packet uses a unique IPv6 address?

I have previously been told this privacy function allows you to discard the old address on a whim, and its often cited as daily. I can't imagine the network stack doing it per connection, but if so I'd like to read about the spec.

My impression is if the privacy extensions work as I've previously seen explained, you'd see your address change say a few times a day, say every 8 hours. So for 8 hours you have a unique and new IP.

My thoughts are, as soon as you log onto facebook with that, your unique IP is suddenly identified with you, and facebooks advertising system can then track you for that 8 hours or whatever till the IP is renewed.

Now if every connection uses its own IP then you'd wreck that. I just didn't think one IP per connection would be helpful for routing tables and more so arp tables and the like.

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