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Everyone's a suspect

Wouldn't it be nice, if it was assumed by the state, that all its citizens are innocent until proven guilty?

Simply taking away the ability to commit a crime, isn't going to help society to progress, or for that matter, prevent the crime from eventually happening elsewhere.

As one comment eluded to earlier, books could become the most divisive criminal tool we have ever seen, because unlike the internet equivalent, there is no way of tracking who is reading books on chemistry or electronics and thus honing their demonic skills to whatever ends.

Perhaps we could see the day when all paper books are banned, because they are seen to be beyond the control of the state and thus a threat.

And then we will see granny getting pinned to the floor as horrified commuters cheer on the heroes, wrestling a terrifying Mills & Boone out of her hands.

Ridiculous? Well, I truly hope so.

Impossible? You haven't been paying attention. Have you.

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