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World finally ready for USB-bootable OS/2

Michael Wojcik Silver badge

When I got a new PC in March 1995, I spent seven weeks struggling with drivers, trying to pry support from IBM and various vendors (I'm looking at you, ATI).

A lack of drivers drove me from OS/2 as well. I was last running it on a Thinkpad (don't recall which model) in the mid-1990s. There was something dreadfully wrong with the video and the networking was unreliable. Finally I gave up and put Win95 on instead.

I needed Windows compatibility to run certain packages for work, so I couldn't just switch to Linux - though I had a separate Linux boot drive that I'd swap in when I wanted to do Linux/UNIX development. (It was one of those Thinkpad models that made drive swapping easy.) And I kept an OS/2 boot drive for OS/2 development. I just didn't use it that often, and not for daily office tasks. And when that machine was retired, I no longer had an OS/2 system.

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