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"This will never happen because IPv6 to IPv4 translation."

... is actively worse than NAPT44. Trying to fit a 128-bit address into 32 (IPv4) +16 (port) bits of NAPT mapping does not work at all well. It can't even map the whole 64 bits of routing segment from an IPv6 onto the generated IPv4.

"It is only a problem the other way round."

Quite, the problems is entirely on the operators who decide to stay with IPv4-only networks. Paying through the nose for ever more expensive IP and NAT machinery. Good luck to them.

ISP who do that cut their clients off from hundreds of networks already, some of them CDN networks. Users finding themselves needing IPv6 sites churn away to other providers with better working networks.

Server operators who do that, well, the 8% users (and growing exponentially year-on-year) of the Internet do not care enough about your non-responsive server to bother visiting twice. There are plenty of alternative sites and Facebook, YouTube, Google etc work fine on IPv6.

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