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The Office environment is VmWare + Netapp, but I don't get to bring that home.!!!!

I have a work test rig at home for W10. I don't believe in VMs for everything, I want to see an OS on metal, with real spinning rust, low memory and shitty drivers, VM's tend to hide some of the problems that can occur etc etc ..

So far W10 won't run the Cisco VPN Client, so that puts an end to a lot of discussions... and from what I understand Cisco will not be continuing the client in it's current form and our MotherShip is not ready to upgrade technology....status quo.

VirtualBox and Mint are just involved in order that I can directly VPN into the office on the test rig.. ( since Cisco don't work), downloaded the v5.0.5 tonight which at least has helped with the Bridged Networking problems....

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