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Probably the only reason I got that far up the support chain was that I was working for IBM, on an IBM site and we had about 500 of the damned things...

Nope. That simple was what OS/2 support was like. In my considerable years in IT I have yet to come across any other support which immediately gave you second level support when your support ID was flagged as being sufficiently clued up to skip first level altogether (which, I may add, were no slouches either). By the way, IBM is also the only organisation to offer the legally correct option of fully opting out of the customary "we will record your call for <fill in excuse of the day>".

If I could work out who developed that model I'd give him a lifelong achievement award. I was not affiliated with OS/2, the only possible variant could be that I was one of the rogues they used to beta test their software (I had a 5 year old's ability to break thing in places you'd never expect them to be vulnerable).

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