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To an extent, I agree here about Puppy though I always viewed it as a useful mobile platform in that it can be used from its Live CD as a plausible guest with some useful extensions that allow it to save some settings on its guest hardware.

I've been using openSUSE for many years now (indeed from before they added the "open" bit) and would recommend it for some things but I would strongly suggest that anyone that wishes to move to Linux does a little research first. Which distro you use can benefit you if you know a few things first; what your hardware can stand, what you are likely to do with it, how savvy you are with working with a Linux distro and what is out there that can best suit your needs.

There's a reason why Ubuntu and Mint are often quoted as a user's preference, mostly as these distros can be a bit more forgiving of new users and that they provide a rich, well-supported and secure environment. But it all depends on you doing your homework first!

As for David 132's comment, awesome! It includes a number of comments that I and others have made over the time since Windows 10 came out but encapsulated in a way that is certainly worthy of its acclaim! Moar beer due...

The saddest thing about it, however, is that I doubt that Microsoft will take the slightest bit of notice and will simply continue to assume that we all want to be spied on, that the EULA beats any legal system, that everyone has uncapped broadband and unlimited drive space and that "Windows as a Disservice" is something we will all swallow without argument.

Hmm... haven't booted my RiscPCs in a while, and they never ratted me out...

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