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Andy A said "I now know why my 3G internet connection ran out of allowance unexpectedly - Microsoft helped themselves to 25 quid's worth of my bandwidth."

Same here except the update took nearer 7 GB for some reason *. Considering I only have 12 GB worth of 3G for an entire month it took a big chunk out of my allowance. I ran out a week or so ago and have been running on what the ISP euphemistically calls "reduced speed" i.e. slower than dial-up. Most websites are now either unusable or keep timing out. I have to keep hitting "retry". Grrrr! I've now abandoned the Windows 10 installation on that dual-boot laptop... it is now being used exclusively for Linux Mint. Unless someone twists my arm up my back until I scream, I'll never boot into Windows 10 again, ever.

* I did run the Windows 8.1 disk clean-up feature at one point, blissfully unaware that Windows 10 had probably already downloaded a good chunk of itself. A notification that it had started the download would have been nice! I gather from what I've read elsewhere today that running the disk clean-up also wipes current windows updates, thus forcing them to start from scratch again.

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