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I think you and all other indignant people here (rightly so) completely misjudge the outcome of this MS outrage. The total effect on the population is going to be - nil. We look from a tiny crack in the woodwork, which hosts a MINUTE FRACTION of Windows users (and you admins, who manage hundreds of Windows machines don't change the figures a bit, given the total running in milions). Thus, whether we disable the updates, or scream about it on every corner - matters not, because MILIONS of people out there, like milions of lemmings installing every cool pwned app on their mob - don't give a flying fuck about "telemetrics". As long as it's FREEEEE - they hail it and install it. And tell all their likewise-minded friends around how cool it is cause you can tap this part of the screen and that little halo appears there. And MS know very well about it, that's why they do it and they know they will get away with it. Don't blame the MS scum, they only take advantage of human nature :(

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