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I'm currently on a metered connection that serves my needs perfectly and moved away from an non-metered service that didn't meet my needs.

I do not see why I should need to factor in downloading a couple of gig of windows 10 files when I have no intention of moving my laptop from win7 to win10.

No point having no usage limits if your internet connection is only up a couple of days a month, so I moved from ADSL to a 4G service. The ADSL service was non-delivered by the local former monopoly-holder and after months of back-and-forth with them blaming my building's wiring, an independent technician declaring the wiring fine, the provider sending a technician round, things working a couple of days only to drop the connection again and repeat the cycle.

Moving away to another ADSL provider would only introduce yet another party to redirect responsibility (as he infrastructure used would remain the same), so this seemed the most practical and cost-effective solution.

I could pay 3 times as much for non-metered 4G home internet, which I may do in future if the need arises, but if Microsoft without warning nor informed consent pushes a few gig download to me, that effectively is stealing my download quota.

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