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A masterpiece

This whole WIndows 10 update story is really a masterpiece of company overreach. I wonder how much they can abuse their customers and still get away with it.

For people who explicitly don't want WIndows 10, this download is nothing but useless data garbage. Even if you are not on a metered connection it will certainly slow down your machine. I just had my parents in law asking me to check their machine, because lately it became so slow. After uninstalling KB3035583 it became a bit more responsive (apparently that one not only downloads a lot of data garbage, but also hugs a lot of memory). Luckily I foresaw Microsoft to continue on this path and slapped in a few more GB of memory, just in case. Turns out I was right and in my opinion Microsoft is in the wrong. What is going on here? Did they suddenly get brain cancer? Did I miss something?

Please stop this madness - shoot the hipsters in charge and give us back our old monopolistic boring Microsoft!

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