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David 132, are you me? That post reads exactly like something I would have written, I could not express my own thoughts about the direction computing has taken more succinctly than that.

I too have drawn my line in the sand, and the likes of Google and Microsoft et al will pry my computer from my cold, dead, rotted, maggot-eaten fingers. THIS far, NO further.

No cloud storage, no holding my software and data to a monthly ransom, no spying or monitoring or profiling of my habits, and above all no advertising in my private space. Not now, not ever.

Like moiety above, I'm in the process of transitioning to using Linux Mint. My biggest problem so far has been getting my copy of Cinema 4D R12 to run in it under WINE. People have been suggesting I switch to Blender, but I find Blender difficult to get my head around as its workflow is nowhere near as natural or intuitive as Cinema 4D's. Also I have 20 years' worth of 3D modelling work in C4D format, which Blender can't read.

But all this bullshit with Microsoft taking control of my computer is a powerful impetus to change. You're not alone. And reading your post is strong encouragement to me that I'm not alone either.

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