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Wileyfox Swift: Brit startup budget 'droid is the mutt's nuts

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Well, my last phone was Moto G 2014, but as it refunded by Amazon, so I need a new one, but this time it won't be Moto G 2015, as it gone worst (no dual sim in Europe, no compass, no notification led) costs more and as Lenovo is new owner, this means no latest Android updates anymore.

I have looked few weeks for alternative, found none, until now. Storm would be better, but no onscreen buttons, unremovable battery, micro/normal sim/sdcard combo and same battery as swift, doesn't sound great. I'm not so big CM fan, but at least not like a lot other overpriced brands, they provide updates for a long time.

So I will go for Swift, hoping they will sell and deliver phone to Europe and most of all, have decent support.

BTW, seems swift is rebranded Micromax E455, with proper LTE bands -

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