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Broadband powered by home gateways? Whose bright idea was THIS?


Use the spare copper from the exchange

12 pairs of 24 AWG copper wire can carry 80 watts over 5kms if each pair carried 96 volts at 100milliamps.

So if they are running fibre to a roadside node, the now unused copper going back to the local telephone exchange can deliver the power for the remote DSLAM

That is enough to easily run a mini-dslam and a few repeaters along the way. Using DSL over each of those pairs, and just a single repeater, allows them to bring a shared 120mbits down / 10mbit up. At the remote cabinet, the mini DSLAM can share that amongst 12 or more subscriber lines. If VDSL is used on the remote subscriber lines then they can be short and super fast, or if ADSL2 is used, they can be long and reach further out into rural areas another 3+ kms.

If two repeaters are used along the path, the shared capacity rises to 180mbits which is more suited to shorter lines at the far end so they can take advantage of that backhaul capacity.

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