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Assuming that each supply can be represented by a resistor (the copper wire) in series with the diode, then the current drawn from each supply will automagically adjust such that the source voltage minus the voltage drop across resistance and diode are equal for every supply.

Yep, this is exactly what I do with some satellite and cable gear I have for my business - amplifier, switches, etc. that require about 70 watts of DC power on coax inputs. I had three 24v 2A power supplies that output on coax, so for redundancy I used a 3 way diode steering satellite splitter with the three PSUs feeding into the splitter's "outputs" (the diodes inside a diode steering satellite splitter allow power to flow into the splitter outputs but not the other way) and the splitter's input connected to an 8 way splitter that feeds the power to the various gear.

Some people were skeptical like the previous poster and told me this "couldn't work" because one PSU would try to power everything and the fuse would blow, but I measured the AC power in watts going into each of the three power supplies using a Kill-a-Watt and they were pretty much identical. If I unplug one, nothing loses power, so I'm protected against one of the power supplies dying.

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