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I did try Mint as a matter of fact. For many of the reasons stated in this forum. Unfortunately Mint OS 17.2 Cinnamon did not perform as needed. Mint installed fine, looked great and booted quickly but then problems emerged.

Firstly I could not get the Broadcom wifi to connect to my business wifi network as it would not connect to the enterprise network there.

Next Libre Office Writer could not replace MS Word 2013 as when I tried uploading files created with it to the network (remotely from home or from removable media on a company desktop) they were sometimes missing data or had nonsense symbols or misspelling (despite using the spell check beforehand). They were also sometimes not formatted properly once uploaded and opened with MS Word.

Finally problems with the START menu emerged, in fact it disappeared completely and I could not get it back.

I have used Linux since 1997 so am not a newbie to the platform. I trawled Mint and other forums for hours and implemented many suggested solutions but none worked. I had no more time to spend so in order to remain productive - and a computer for me needs to give reliable output, I sadly and reluctantly returned to a Windows OS solution. I accept that the fault may well be on the Windows side rather than Linux itself, but unfortunately I have to work with a Microsoft environment.

This isn't posted as a lament it's simply my experience. I want to be able to use software of my own choice and hope it will be possible someday. But for now it seems that it's not.

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