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I still work with XP classic with many extensions, but have two Laptops with W7 and 8.1 unused as yet, which are extremely slow compared to XP. XP will remain on my desktop with no access for Microsoft or Internet as long as possible.

7 and 8.1 I find the worst ever Windows, 10 with it's spying even worse.

So, I'm switching to Linux. I didn't before because it takes time to get used to a new OS, but having seen the Win 7,8,10 - and finding nothing I look for, continually being faced with this stupidity: you have no right to access this file, getting totally lost, worst ever systems, Linux now definitely looks like a dream and I prefer applying my effort to Linux rather than waisting it on Microsoft.

Just wonder how many people will switch OS away from Microsoft. Starting new with Win 8/10 in the end isn't much different to familarizing oneself with Linux...

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