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"'Search' doesn[']t show up any of these updates on my PC; but is 'Search' telling [me] the truth??"

If you open Windows Update in Control Panel, and then click on "Installed Updates", you will be presented with the option to "Search Installed Updates" in the Search box in the upper right-hand corner. This worked for me just now.

But you have to do your search in that Search box! When I tried to search Windows Update and Control Panel for these three updates last night, nothing turned up! Only a few minutes ago did I discover what I did wrong.

(If you try to search from Windows Update itself or from "View update history", the Search box that is presented in the upper right-hand corner just says "Search Control Panel". But if you try to search from "Installed Updates", the Search box that is presented in the upper right-hand corner says "Search Installed Updates". Last night, either I tried to search from "View update history" rather than from "Installed Updates", or else — and I think this is more likely — I did do it from "Installed Updates", but I tried to commence the search before allowing sufficient time for Control Panel to fully populate the list of installed updates, thereby causing the search to fail.

Because Search failed me when I first tried it last night, I had to browse down the list of installed updates with my tired, aging eyes. When I did so, I found that all three of these updates had in fact been installed earlier this month. And as it happened, August's Patch Tuesday fell on my birthday! What a thoughtful trio of gifts from Microsoft! ("[D]on't worry too much about the myrrh next time"!))

So unless you are sure you clicked on "Installed Updates" — and then waited sufficiently — before commencing your search, and that you therefore searched Installed Updates rather than the rest of Control Panel, I would not trust the answer Search gave you. Instead I would look for the three updates again, in the way I described above, just to be sure.

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