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"Actually, speaking from significant hours of gaming (I need a 48" monitor now just so I can see it past my gut!), DirectX is the lower-performing graphics system in many cases. Certainly when I've compared games between Windows and running them on WINE, they tend to play a lot better on WINE on the same hardware. This isn't always the case, but then I haven't really tried for a while either so WINE could be much better today, and of course there's various other tools to make it easier to use."

If they're running faster on WINE, odds are it's because the WINE run is using less-intensive graphics settings than Windows. For example, support for DirectX 10 and up is known to be flaky with WINE, so to turn the phrase, "Can WINE run Crysis?" Answer: "Yes, but not as well as on Windows."

As for my personal experience, I used to play TF2 a lot, and I personally noted the Linux port was somewhat slower and flakier than the Windows version. Also, despite owning a pretty recent AMD graphics card, support could get flaky, and I've more than once had spontaneous X crashes and even panics, no matter what version of driver I used. So let's just say I've been around the block more than once, and each time left me wanting. This whole spyware bit has put me in a very uncomfortable position since I want to jump but risk losing too much. I'd be more inclined if Valve could push to increase Linux compatibility, but until then...

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