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Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches


You can run...

but you can't hide.

Before everyone rushes off to embrace the penguin, it might be an idea to investigate systemd, Redhat and their clients.

I wouldn't recommend Slackware or Gentoo to people new to linux but, unless you're unshakably convinced that the linux dev community is filled entirely with saints possessed of infallible intellect, diamond-strong willpower and is imperviois to infiltration by individuals with personality disorders, character flaws and agendas as nefarious as any that might be pursued by MS/Apple/some_government_TLA, they might well be the only options available to people here.

And even then, what are you going to secure them with?

AppArmor is more or less out of the question on anything other than *buntu.

SElinux is a questionable option, given its origins.

The future of GRSecurity looks uncertain.

RSBAC will require people to get their hands well and truly dirty and roll their own - with all the attendent dangers of non-experts implementing their own security solutions.

I'm not saying people shouldn't make the jump - I did myself - but it's not quite the utopia people might imagine either.

</my two cents>

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