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Just use apps like "Timeshift" or APTIK to restore your OS should anything go skewiff while you are on Linux.

Thanks for that. One of the "problems" I have with Linux is a severe lack of experience in repairing it. I mean, unlike certain other OS's it just tends to work and work and work. Don't matter what you do to the poor thing, it laps it up and comes back for more. Mostly.

Perhaps the best thing MS ever did was System Restore (at least when it works, which IME is more often than not unless some twit turned it off), and I've wanted something like it for a while for Linux. I've always had a little bit of a concern with things where I haven't had that (although I've only broken one thing in any reasonable way, thank God!).

I'll get this installed and feel that much more confident. Thanks!

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