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Indeed. I own a copy of Knuth, I've even read (parts of) it. I have a copy of The Camel that is so tattered that it'll probably fall apart if I picked it up (although I've not done so in what is probably over a decade), K&R is on the bookshelf somewhere. I cut my teeth programming BASIC on an Amstrad CPC 464 in the eighties, and taught myself to code in Z80 assembly when an early teen, but hell, I'm not a developer because despite coding in C# (amongst other languages), I've not heard of some blogger. I'd better run and tell my boss that he should cut my pay!

Ironically, I could think of at least one (former) employee of the place I work at who almost certainly would have heard of this guy. This is also the person who likes to pick up any new technology and run with it, whether tried and tested or not, and leaves everyone else with the headache of having to learn it properly to fix his mistakes. A little less time reading blogs, and a little more obtaining a deeper understanding tends to yield more solid results...

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