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Well lookie here kb3068708 is just kb3022345 (Diagtrack) by another name... I did kinda think it strange that I had noticed the other Two Updates, but was seemingly missing out on this Third One... Now I know why!

Needless to say I soon as I found this POS! I removed it from the Control Panel -> Programs, and Features -> Installed Updates. Apparently though this still isn't quite enough to kill the undead that is Diagtrack.

Apparently to do that you have to open up a Command Prompt with admin privileges and enter:

sc stop Diagtrack

sc delete Diagtrack

... To be finally rid of this bloat.

P.s. To the Webmaster / Fourm Mod(s) why is it I can't post cmd.eᵡe without getting what appears to be a B& Hammer message about not being able to post this? I don't frankly get it to be honest.

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