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Simply stop buying any game that has no Linux support, and before you know it, you no longer care about Windows.

There are those who would argue "But so many of the top-rated games aren't on Linux yet"..

Well, to them I will simply say - why not look around at the games that are? You might find something really good that hasn't had the marketing hype of some of the other stuff out there.

I spend a lot of time playing games, and while RTS is far preferred I've also played FPS and shoot-em-up. I still play a lot of old games as well - in fact one I still love from time to time is "Carrier Command" which could run on the same 360K floppy disk that had the OS! (SOASER (thanks El Reg commentards for the suggestion!) and the Homeworld series (classic, Remastered stopped me playing HW for some weeks!) are among those I prefer most).

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the great games available (some very old ones) that run on something other than Windows if you're willing to take a look away from so-called "top hype10" lists and look elsewhere. And no need to worry about the data slurping.

(I've also played Tib3 on Linux. Installs beautifully on WINE IME without needing anything, and found it faster than the Windows install on that same hardware. )

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