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Change to the user agreement?

"Why is it that Comments rubbishing Ubuntu (Unity, I assume) always seem to come from 'Mint' Evangelists, and usually from the 'Mate' congregation? It always seems to strike me as trying to make up for an inferiority complex."

Probably because Mint and Mate come out of the box without any of the types of changes Unity made to the UI. I just install the "Ubuntu flashback" and don't have to deal with Unity.

Shouldn't there be a change to the user agreement, or at least a notification, to this much new information being collected? I mean, when people install Win10 it's there in the fine print that they can collect virtually anything they want, and people know what they are getting into. Adding all sorts of "telemetry" in like this seems very shady. (I'm glad I'm not using Windows personally.)

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