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Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches

Andy Non

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I started dabbling with Linux since Windows 8 as I disliked it from a technical and usability perspective; but this user tracking/spying business is a whole new ball game and my trust in Microsoft has now gone. Like many others I take my privacy seriously and use various add-ons such as Adblock+, NoScript, Ghostery and various other privacy and security measures but when the snooping is at the level of the operating system, it is too far, way too far for my comfort. I have confidential/sensitive customer data on my computers and I do not like the idea that Microsoft may be hoovering up anything they like from those computers. I'm now in the process of rewriting all my Windows based application software to run on Linux. I don't consider my privacy and the privacy of my clients fair game for Microsoft to nosey around in.

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