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Google watchers react furiously to ad flinger’s competition case defence

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Anonymous Coward

The vast majority of search engines show ads based on search results, users expect adverts as search engines generally have to make money at some point.

Just tried a search (from UK) for same product on Google / bing (usb stick related)

Obvious on google results when something is sponsored / advert. - no attempt to fool you.

Similar if I choose bing search engine (albeit more ads).

The (non advert) results on 1st page from both quite similar - listed in order

Google: currys, amazon, argos, ebuyer, mymemory, maplin, wikipedia, 7dayshop, tesco

Bing: pc world, argos, ebay, amazon (twice - appears later in results too - in addition also has a sponsored ad), tesco, maplin, wikipedia, mymemory, ebuyer

So Bing gave 1 more result (but Amazon twice), majority of "hits" similar, noteable that google did not give ebay - however ebay was there as an advert. Should be noticed ads on both quite similar.

With either of these "major" search engines I would have to refine search / go through several pages of results to get to more obscure retailers - which is what I expect from a search engine: I expect big companies / specialists

Essentially I get same user experience with a major Google competitor as with Google, so really do not see the point of the complaints - presumably similar algorithms used by both search engines.

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