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@Groaning Ninny; Amen, I have Flashblock on my computer, and aside from the security aspect, it was great for avoiding obnoxiously distracting animated ads until Google et al started moving towards HTML5.

(Editing hosts.txt to bypass most of the common ad servers- Google's included- has worked, but that's still not an elegant or scaleable solution IMHO).

Ironically, I've had to disable Flashblock on (Google's) YouTube as they changed it so that it didn't work with Flash disabled. (*) This is less convenient than previously, when Flashblock had the convenient side-effect of stopping videos from starting as soon as the page loaded (rather than when they were clicked); this is a bloody nuisance if I want to open something in a new tab for future viewing while I'm still watching the current video. Thanks Google!

(*) I thought the point of the upgrade was that Google were supposed to be using HTML5 functionality, so why would disabling Flash- or making it click-to-play- break it?

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