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French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'

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This person isn't being paid because she has a phobia. She is being paid because 'Wifi makes her sick.'

Lets assume that the symptoms she suffers from aren't psychogenic and have been verified by a doctor. Just because it's clearly bollocks that they could be caused by EM doesn't mean she hasn't got those symptoms. There are many chronic and debilitating conditions out there that the causes of are not fully understood, and many conditions that are now understood that previously were misunderstood or not explained. It doesn't mean those syndromes aren't real.

Okay, so the jury may be out on whether this woman has anything physically wrong with her, or whether it is psychogenic, either way, the compassionate thing to do is to try to help her, not to demonise her, whether or not she is correct about the cause of her illness.

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